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About Us

MissionInspiring hospitality leaders to increase knowledge, gain new skills and change attitudes. To provide a convenient and fun way for self-improvement and success in todays competitive world.
VisionA better hospitality culture through continuous improvement.




Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) is a educational platform, which specialises in providing individual courses to hospitality professionals and anyone interested in the hospitality industry. HTI is based on creating courses together with industry’s top experts, who  participate in developing and administering our courses.


HTI provides materials via a powerful online learning and assessment environment, which allows students to interact with each other and share knowledge. The courses are conveniently structured in order to facilitate the learning experience and test progress. Various types of assignments motivate students to use various learning techniques and provide for better understanding and results.


By partnering with leading hospitality experts, HTI ensures that we are constantly providing our students with the latest information and know-how directly from the industry. HTI creates courses that help management and staff achieve new levels of knowledge and improve customer service and overall performance of the business.



HTI Team